Important: Overlock is no more. The team are moving on to new adventures. This site is left up for reference only.


Overlock helps you find bugs faster and fix them more easily

See the status of your deployment

Get a clear overview of recent issues, the status of your devices and whether there’s been an increase in problems - or whether you’ve got things under control.

Untangle thorny issues

Dive into an individual issue and get clear insight into what’s gone wrong, the state of the device at the time of the error and relevant metatdata and logs, as well as state and logs from related devices.

What happened to this device?

Inspect a single device to see a clear high-level overview of what’s happened to it over the past days or weeks. See restarts, software updates, network connectivity issues and much more.

Overlock vs. Exception Trackers

Tools like Sentry and Rollbar are great for tracking down programming errors and exceptions in servers, websites and apps. But if you use them to debug IoT devices there's a lot of useful context you're missing out on and whole classes of errors that you won't catch at all.

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Overlock vs. Log Platforms

Logging is old-school. It's simple, reliable and everyone knows how to use it, but there's a lot you're missing out on. What state was the device in when it crashed? How many times has this issue happened on other devices? What's the network connection like? Overlock can help you.

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The right tool for the job

Simple integration, just install the linux agent and start logging exceptions and other state in 20 minutes

Built for distributed systems. Log from your device, gateway and cloud to capture data from the whole system

Designed with security in mind. Direct connections to Overlock servers via MQTTS, with no open ports on devices

Further benefits

Works independently of your IoT platform and framework

Open-source device agent and client libraries

API access for integrations and utilities

Automatic device registration with whitelists and blacklists

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