Important: Overlock is no more. The team are moving on to new adventures. This site is left up for reference only.

IoT reliability. Delivered.

Overlock is a logging, debugging and root-cause analysis tool for the Internet of Things. Find bugs faster, fix them more easily and deliver a better customer experience.

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Install the open-source Overlock Agent on your devices to get detailed insight into exceptions, crashes and bugs. Understand what caused your devices to go wrong, whether it's a broken software update, network issue or a simple programming mistake.

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With Overlock you can deliver a more reliable IoT system with reduced downtime and fewer customer-facing issues, better customer support with issue context and device timeline overviews, and lower devlopment costs with less time spent fixing and more time spent building.

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IoT debugging is hard...

Constrained devices don't have the storage to keeps log locally nor the bandwidth to send them all to the cloud

Complex networks of devices make it hard to track the cause of a problem from device to device

IoT devices operate in all kinds of environments, often inaccessible, unpredictable or even dangerous

....but Overlock makes it easy

See log information not just from the device you're investigating but also from all devices relating to an issue

Save data and storage with Overlock's unique agent-based architecture which intelligently sends only the relevant logs

See a high-level overview of the important events in a device's history to understand the events that came before a problem

Issue details

Get data from all related components of your system in one place. Overlock associates devices and fetches related information from other devices automatically.

Device timeline

See the lifecycle of your device to aid with debugging. When was it last restarted? Did it lose network connectivity? Has it been updated to the latest version? All these details can help you understand why a device isn’t behaving how it should.

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